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Catching Up

I’ve been mostly absent from here and my facebook business page for nearly a year but not because I haven’t been taking photos.

Since August of 2013 I’ve photographed 15,060 people, and if I were to guesstimate I would say that since the last time I posted a blog, 25,000 people have stood in front of my camera.

That is a crazy number!

It’s no wonder that social media has taken a back seat for me for awhile. But I’m ready to try it again.

My blog is going to be taking a more professional twist – I’ll be blogging for Bell Studios, which in case you missed it, that is now where I work.  I still do the same things I did as a self-employed photographer, but now I also do volume photography and sports.   I’m still here and still available by request when you call the studio.

Due to the busyness of volume photography I failed at marketing weddings last year,  I just didn’t do it. Because of that I only photographed 9 weddings in 2013 which was a huge difference from my previous average of 30 a year.    On a very personal note, after having gone through a divorce it was kinda nice not to HAVE to photograph a wedding every weekend.  But now that I’ve had a little break from that I’m ready to dive back into it.   I’m realizing I really miss it, and photographing couples in love has always kinda been my “niche” as a photographer.  I’ve already booked several for this year and I’m super excited about them!

I’m looking forward to posting more and getting back into the swing of social media.

And since no post is complete without photos, here are a few from this past year.  Enjoy!






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