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Christian and Linda | 12-17-11 | Wedding photography Portland OR.

Loved this couple! Christian and Linda found me through a mutual friend and when we met I knew it was a perfect fit!  Linda is a photographer herself, and a great one I might add, and we share the same faith (bonus!) and her husband and her met while on a overseas mission trip.  He is from Paraguay (read: super awesome accent) and they fell in love while serving God together (pretty sure there’s no better way to fall in love).  So needless to say, I extra super-duper enjoyed being a part of this wedding! Linda… were a Joy to work with (pun intended – her business name is Linda Joy Photography!) and Christan I can totally see why she fell in love with you! You are a true gentleman and your love and adoration for Linda was an honor to watch and photograph.  I know you two are going to have a blessed marriage, 1. Because Christ truly is the center of your relationship and 2. You guys love each other for real!

My friend and photographer Aaron Anderson was my second shooter for this event, he did an AWESOME job and I’m looking forward to having him for more weddings in the future!

When we arrived Christian and Linda were all ready to go for photos – so we started our day off with their “first look.”  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s when the bride and groom and opt to see each other before the ceremony.  So while I know this is non-traditional in a sense,these days about 70% of my brides opt for this and while I love tradition (and you won’t find me opposed to bride’s and grooms that wait to see each at all!!! There are ways having awesome photos the traditional way too!) this way does make a smoother transition between ceremony and reception for the guest’s, which is why I recommend it when my opinion is asked.   I also love the fact that my second shooter and I can jump all over the place capturing those first look expressions and not worry about blocking the guests view.

So back to the photos,  I thought it would be fun to show the different shots Aaron and I got during the first look sequence – keep in mind all of this happens in less than 30 seconds.

Aaron’s view on the left, mine on the right:


And again, Aaron on the left, my two on the right:

Mine on the Left Aaron’s on the right:

Then we jumped right into the formals before it got dark.

You two are so stinking gorgeous! 😉

I’m gonna say it again:  GORGEOUS!!!!

I love, love, LOVE that the entire wedding party wore TOMS!

Mine on left and a few second’s later Aaron’s on the right.

Some of the details:

The ceremony:

Epic fist-pumping by Linda at the pronouncement:

And then it was on to the reception:

Christian and Linda – thank you again!  I had so much fun working with you two and wish you both lot’s of blessings in your marriage together!  – Jess

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