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Somerset Wedding Photography|Chris and Grace

When I sat down to write this post I tried to think of my first memory of Chris.  It was probably when we were really little. Our dad’s have worked together since….well, forever.  We probably met each other at one of those company picnics, and we probably got in a water gun fight, or I most likely got my butt kicked in an embarrassing game of volleyball. (I have zero coordination when it comes to sports).  But aside from trying to remember my childhood (which is all a big blur) my first real memory of Chris involves a coconut bra.  True Story.

Chris and I went to college together, well actually high school….sort of.  We were both in the Running Start program at our local college for our junior and senior years of high school.  Chris wore a coconut bra to school for an entire day.  I don’t remember why, or what purpose it served (this was 12 years ago…seriously).  I just remember that it made me laugh, like crazy hysterical belly laugh and thanks to that coconut bra this 6 foot tall Asian boy became my friend.    We were friends, like the good kind of guy/girl friends.  He was one of those rare friends in my life that I didn’t pretend around.  We didn’t judge each other for stupidity of which we were both guilty of on many occasions.  And our friendship stuck.

Chris joined the military sometime after high school.  He’s deployed, he’s seen the world, he’s served our country and he lives in Southern California now.  Somehow through the years we’ve kept in touch.  That’s rare for me.  I completely stink at long distance friendships. But when Chris has come to visit, we’ve made it a point to catch up.  There have been times where it’s been a few years in between visits, but somehow we make it happen.

Chris and I have both been through our share of junky relationship stuff.  Relationships are hard.  Marriage is hard.  Him and I have talked about the good, the bad and the ugly.  We’ve both wondered if true love is really in the cards for either of us.  But sometime in 2012 Chris showed up at my house with his big truck and a giant smile and that’s when he told me about her….

When he started to describe her I was skeptical.  The protective friend in me had to be, because that’s what friends do.  But Chris’s smile and happiness didn’t stop and I started to hope for him. When he came back to visit a few month’s later, he brought her with him and surprise!  There was a ring!

When I met Grace?  My protective friend thoughts and walls completely disappeared.  If God had ever made such a perfect woman for Chris?  This was it.

In over 12 years of friendship with this guy, I have never seen him look so incredibly happy as he has with Grace   To say that they were made for each other is an understatement.  As cheesy as it sounds?  Grace completes him.

And then along came Wyatt.  Chris and Grace had a baby, and he’s pretty much the cutest kid ever.  He was all about my camera’s the day of the wedding, and I had so much fun letting him “help” with the photography.  Watching Chris be a dad was a little surreal to me, I’ll admit it.   I’ve been a mom for a lot of years, but most of my high school friends are just now joining me in parenting ranks.  Chris has fully embraced the dad role and it shows in Wyatt’s relationship with him.  Wyatt adores his dad and it is a beautiful thing!

Getting to be there for their wedding was such joy and honor.  Grace’s mom hosted me for my stay in California and I can totally see where Grace get’s her kind soul.   Her mother is a gem and has raised 3 wonderful kids.  (Thank you again for the comfy bed and warm conversations Lorna!!!)

Their wedding was held at the home of Grace’s brother and sister-in-law in Somerset California.

The day was perfect out….not to hot, not cold, and a handful of clouds to make for some beautiful photos.


Darcie from A Dazzling Day did an amazing job coordinating and planning the day.  I truly loved working with this woman and if you are getting married in the Sacramento area be sure and check her out!

Will Huttunen did a fabulous job DJ’ing.

The cake from D’Agostini Bakery  was delicious.

The food and the beautiful reception tablescapes were all from Diane Wilkinson Catering. (Admittedly I ate way to much of their BBQ style buffet but it was definitely worth the tight fitting pants the next day!)

And their beautiful flowers were by Shingle Springs Florist .





folsom wedding photography

Grace….you are stunning!Somerset_Wedding_photographer

Having grown up in a gun-friendly family, I definitely appreciated the shotgun shell boutonnieres.




Grace’s mom made all of the cardigans for the bridemaid’s and flower girl.  You can’t feel how soft these are through the photos but trust me when I say just wanted to curl up and nap in a pile of them.




The First Look:






The ceremony site:



Seeing how happy my friend is here?  Definitely worth the trip just for this moment.












This was probably my favorite reception moment.  Chris and Grace’s little guy Wyatt decided to jump in on the mother/son dance and stole the show.  Kid’s already got moves!



Grace?  I’m so glad you came into Chris’s life when you did.  I’m beyond happy for your little family.  Thank you for having me there and hope to see you guys again soon!  Much love!  -Jess

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